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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Is it really almost Christmas?!?! 4 days and counting.....

2. Because Papa is going to Hawaii for Christmas, we will be spending Christmas Eve with him for dinner at Aunt Stacy's after Mommy gets off of work.

3. Reece has been teething the last couple of days and poor girl is in misery. She is getting her last two bottom teeth, the eye teeth, the pointy ones.... they are taking forever to come in and she has just been a cuddle bug today.

4. I haven't wrapped on single present. That is my goal tonight. To get it all done in one sitting. I am scared if I try to break it up, I will never go back and finish the rest because it is too time consuming.

5. Mommy's new store is working out well. It's slower than the other one but it is giving some great shifts, meaning Mommy has been able to spend time with the girls and Daddy a little more in the evening.

6. Reece is getting a big girl bed for Christmas. I am very anxious about this because I don't know how well she is going to do in it. She doesn't go to bed well always and may be the child who gets up 10 times before falling asleep right by her door.

7. My phone is acting up and driving me up the wall. It says it is low on memory, won't let me text or receive messages and is getting crappy service. So it looks like today, before we meet up with Daddy, we are going to Verizon to get it looked at.

8. Just a few last minute things to get today and the Christmas shopping will be done!

9. Is it sad that I have not yet showered today and the girls are still in their pj's? It is pouring rain, the way it has been for about 3 days now, and gloomy. Nothing goes better than pj's and lounging (cleaning).

10. I woke up this morning to the spa cover wide open. I don't have any clue how this happened, it is heavy and takes two to lift. I know it was windy but not windy enough to blow it all the way open. I think someone in the neighborhood thinks its ok to come in when no one is home.

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