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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sitting on Santa's Lap

On Thursday, Mommy, Cailey, Reece, Aunt Stacy (and a soon to be born Cheyenne), Grandma, Shannon, Brooklyn, GB, and Deanne all met at the mall to take the girls to visit Santa. Cailey talked about it for the week before and said she was going to sit with Santa and smile to take one picture. Reece is scared of anything Santa. She had been telling us No when asked if she wanted to go see Santa. The girls all looked so cute in their dresses. They played ring around the rosie and looked at all the decorations. The adults tried, without luck, to convince Aunt Stacy to sit with Santa and put it in Cheyennes baby book.

The faces as Santa came down stairs. Reece was trying to get to me from Grandma.

Waiting for Santa, behind where he sits, where they can't see him.

Brooklyn was up first and cried the whole time.

The pictures I took of the girls came out way to light. I think my camera was affected by the flash of the other camera and I was standing in a different spot than when Brooklyn was sitting with Santa. Reece cried the whole time and Cailey cried at first.

The final, best shot picture. Cailey stopped crying but is looking to the sidelines for help. Reece is screaming her head off and Santa isn't even looking. Priceless.

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