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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our surprise gift

So around the time Cailey was born, Mark (a guy Kevin goes to Glamis with) gave Randy (Kevin's best friend, dubbed Uncle Randy) a little 3 wheeler to give to Kevin. Knowing we had no clue about this, Uncle Randy fixed the 3 wheeler. He had all the metal parts powder coated, got it running, replaced everything, put stickers on it, and even got a pink whip for it. Leading up to Christmas, Kevin kept asking me if we were going to be able to go by Randy's on the way to his Aunts in Pasadena. I told him I didn't know and why was it so important we go on this day. Kevin said he had no idea but Randy seemed really excited to have us come by. The little 3 wheeler was the answer. Uncle Randy drove it out from behind the trailer at his house and we were SHOCKED! It was such a touching and nice surprise, 3 years in the making. Now if only the girls would go near it... they were scared by how loud it is and by all the attention they were getting. Cailey has since sat on it at home...when it wasn't running.

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  1. Grandma-that 3-wheeler is just precious. Gotta love that Uncle Randy. Very sweet!