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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Lucky

Mommy had heard about Elf on the Shelf from her cousin Melissa and her blogging about it last year. It comes with a book and a little Elf. The book tells the story of the Elf who is Santa's spy. He comes to watch over boys and girls and reports to Santa every night while they sleep. He finds a new hiding spot every time he comes back. They are not to touch him, his magic will disappear but need to find him every morning. He came with no name and that is the first part of the game.... to name him. We decided on Lucky and he has been a huge hit. Cailey finds him every morning and constantly reminds us not to touch him. She also is overheard telling Reece how "he goes to Santa's house while we sleep so we have to be good." Cailey was also so excited to show Daddy she found him and show him off to Shannon today. Such a cute holiday tradition.

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