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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

1. Reece is doing so well at ballet. Cookies are the key and I love that she likes it. Cailey had no real desire to do it at all. She could care less. Oh well, she stuck it out for her month.

2. This weather is driving us crazy. First it was rain that stuck us in the house, now its violent high wind warnings. The wind died down a little bit tonight and we were able to go on a walk, with the girls bundled in the wagon with blankets and sweaters, looking at neighbors houses that are decorated for Halloween.

3. Work is keeping mommy on her toes.

4. We cannot wait for this weekend. Pumpkin carving/painting, dinner with our friends, costumes and trick or treating. It is going to be a nice time with our close friends. Pictures will definitely follow.

5. Mommy's camera has been neglected lately. There has been a lot going on with work and home stuff that its just been hanging out. We are going to try to rectify that tomorrow, as long as the winds die down and we can go outside.

6. Everyone's sheets were changed today (except ours, thats tomorrow) and all the winter blankets have been put on. It gets very cold here at night in the winter, down into the low 30's, rarely the high 20's. It has snowed once a year since we have been here and even though its Southern California, we do live in a slightly higher elevation that we get a little bit of extreme weather. Its just enough to love it and not have to deal with the problems of snow for months on end.

7. Christmas is coming so fast this year. I am not at all ready and don't feel prepared at all. I don't have a lot of people to buy for or things to get but I do have some so I need to get started.

8. We now own the Tahoe free and clear! It is exciting but now watch, something will break on it. Lets hope not.

9. Reece's vocabulary is exploding. She is putting words together. Just some: Cailey, sissy, Mommy, Daddy, Tank, Tonka, Granny, Grandma, Papa, Please, Thank you, see him(when she sees something), no, juice, milk, fork, spoon, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears (all while poking you in these places), book, up, dog, cat, fox, tiger, cow, horse (and the noises some animals make), pumpkin, chalk, color, yogurt.... and I could go on and on. She really speaks a lot now and its getting clearer and clearer. She calls her blanket a "B" and is more attached to them then Cailey was at this age.

10. Cailey is getting so big. She is so ready for preschool. So ready. It means that Mommy has to start seriously looking into them. We have kind of casually started to search for one but the time is coming for her to go and we need to look into them and take a couple of tours. This makes Mommy sad that she is getting so big but proud that she is doing so well.

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