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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The start of our week

This week started off way better than last week. We went to the library for class on Monday with Shannon and Brooklyn. Tuesday is ballet class. Cailey is still not participating but Reece... she did the whole class! All the teacher did was give her and animal cookie and she did the whole thing, knowing she was going to get another cookie at the end of class. She was laughing and having a good old time. When we got home I was talking to Reece about class and telling her she did such a good job and she looked at me and said "Ballet class, again?" Hopefully she will continue to love it and rub off a little on her older sister. Wednesdays always start off a little slow... depending on when Mommy got home from work. This week we played and danced and read books. After lunch both girls went down for 2+ hour naps! Mommy was so excited because it means she got a nap in too. Then we cleaned and got ready for dinner. After dinner, Granny came over to bring some stuff over, the girls took a bath and now both are in bed! It was a pretty nice day... tomorrow Cailey and Mommy are going to work on some art projects while Reece naps... unless Cailey takes a nap again, then Mommy's on her own!
See... give a girl a snack and she will participate....

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  1. Grandma--They are SUCH hams!!! I miss them!