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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch

We LOVE to go to this pumpkin patch. We have looked forward to it every year that we have lived in Beaumont. We love to take the kids. They grow some pumpkins there and you can pick them fresh off the vine. Some are shipped in to meet the HUGE demand. Today was nothing like fall. In the high 80's and humid, made for a warm pumpkin picking but we wore short sleeved shirts and made the best of it.
Ready to go.... riding in the pumpkin cart.
A lot of the u-pick pumpkins were pretty mushy. It looks like this late heat is getting to them. We managed to find a couple, Mommy's unique one for this year and the regular one. We found a small one for Reece too but it wasn't attached still.
Coming to tell us she found a pumpkin

This year they set up a whole section of pumpkins you could climb on and pose with. Normally they discourage sitting kids on the big pumpkins with good reason.
Taking full advantage.....
The girls really wanted to go on the Tiger slide. We can see the slide from the freeway when we pass and Cailey has been talking about how she wants to go on it. We got them tickets, took off their shoes and waited our turn. While waiting, the guy working the ride was talking to Kevin and tried to get a high five from Cailey and she lost it. That was it and now she didn't want to go on the slide, she just wanted to get away from him as fast as possible. Reece wanted to but only went down once. Daddy said the slide was pretty fast, just look at her face. No wonder she doesn't want to go again, girl was freaked.
But she did want to ride the horse. She even let the young man working the ride pick her up and put her on it. Cailey, again, didn't want to ride the horses so we all watched Reece have fun. She was pointing out the other animals in the petting zoo and telling the worker what they were.
Cailey didn't want to pet the animals either. Just like at the fair. She watched her sister and Daddy feed them instead.
The goats were jumping on Daddy, trying to get the food and knocking Reece out of the way. She thought it was so funny and was laughing her head off the entire time. She thought it was funny when they pushed her and when they ate the food out of her hand. The double fence made it really hard to get good pictures.
Little girl and her pumpkin


  1. We're taking the kids this weekend! I'm excited!

  2. Grandma- Love the shirt and the hair clips!!! And the look on Reece's face coming down the slide!! This is such a fun time of year!