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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ballet- Day 1- A challenge

We started ballet classes at the Redlands Community center yesterday. Mommy was so excited and Cailey kept talking about dance class. Once we got there it was another story. The girls all ran around like crazy playing... until it was time for Reece's class to start. Reece told the teacher no everytime she asked her to do something and ended up with her back up against a chair on the side of the room. When it came time for Cailey's class she stated she wasn't going to dance, right as class was starting, and sat in a chair the whole time. She almost got up to do it twice and chickened out. Hopefully, in a few classes, they will get used to it and be as excited as Mommy was to go.
Walking into class, holding hands. Brooklyn took Cailey's hand and started spinning in circles. She was ready to dance.Before leaving for class.... all cute and ready to go.
Little Ballerina
Heading into class
Having fun running around the classroom. They look more prepared for an 80's aerobics class but were so darn cute!
Climbing all over the dirty stage
The only time Reece participated. She really wanted the ball and was willing to do the posture exercise so she could hold it.
Brooklyn was a star and did most of the class.
Her final spot. Up against the chair, participating in no way.


  1. Grandma-- They'll do better in a few weeks!! But, boy, you can tell those 2 are sisters!!!

  2. Drew did 10 weeks of ballet and participated in 3 of them. William sat on my lap for 6 weeks of gymnastics. KIDS!