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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Labor Day weekend was a long one. Daddy went on vacation to the river with Randy (lucky duck), the girls spent the weekend with Grandma and Papa, and Mommy worked (triple time!).
We are all home now and today is just down time.

2. Mommy had her 3rd doctors appointment for this stupid ear. This time she went to an ENT doctor, hoping a specialist would have more insight into what was going on with her ear. So far, same result. I have an infection in the ear canal (she thinks) and its causing my throat and nose on the right side to be inflamed too. So now, a second antibiotic has been prescribed. The first one was an oral one, this one is in ear drop form and for another 7 days. If it relapses again after this, the ENT doctor will do further testing to determine exactly what is going on. But FYI, it is NOT strep throat.

3. While at the ENT this morning, the first words out of her mouth when she saw me were, "What happened to your head?" Thats another I have no clue. I told her I woke up yesterday and I had a huge inflamed spot, in the middle of my forehead about as large as two fingers. The swelling has gone down but the redness and blood under the surface look nasty. She suspects an infection, just under the skin and told me to keep an eye on it. Um, how can I, or anyone else for that matter, miss it? Its in the middle of my forehead. Totally huge and gross.

4. We are so excited for fall to be here. The weather today is so cool and nice. We opened the front door and the pumpkin patch by us is getting ready to open. When we drove by today, they had all the inflatables out and were checking them. Cailey was so exctied and talked about it the whole way home from the doctor.

5. Reece is starting to realize her size and strength. She is a big bully. She will push Cailey and hit her to get what she wants. We have started having to discipline her for this as she is getting aggressive.

6. Mommy is having a really hard time choosing pictures and sizes of the photos of the girls. There are so many cute ones and that makes it really hard to choose.

7. We now know what Cailey is going to be for Halloween. A witch. At first she said she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland and Mommy started looking for costumes but then it was a witch and has stuck on that. Mommy pre ordered her costume so there is no turning back now. Reece will be a pink care bear. It is so fitting because that girl is obsessed with bears.

8. Another Saturday off coming up! We don't know what we are going to do with ourselves! Mommy would like to go to the fair, but Daddy has a large side job to do this weekend so we aren't sure. Hopefully he can do it after work one day.

9. With Christmas around the corner we have been already thinking about what to get the girls. I think its time for a big girl bed for Reece. Cailey was in her bed at 20 months and at Christmas, Reece will be 22 months old. So sad we are almost out of the baby stage completely.

10. With that said, I need to find some cute brown and pink bedding to go with her already painted room. Any suggestions?

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