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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The LA County Fair

Mommy has been lucky and getting Saturdays off lately. A girl could get used to this. Because we didn't know if the luck would continue, we decided to take the girls to the L.A. County Fair that opened up just before Labor Day. We didn't go last year due to a busy September (but Papa did take Cailey). This year we were excited to go.
Before the fair, sitting on the couch, with a morning cup of milk
The foot massagers were the biggest hit
Reece just wanted to push the stroller all day long, not sit in it.
Daddy tried to get Cailey to feed the animals, No Way. She was scared of getting too close
Reece, on the other hand, wanted to feel them all and had a blast doing so.
Washing our hands after the animals
Being goofy for the camera. Saying cheese with a mouth full of popcorn.
Next was playing on bales of hay
Where did Sissy go?
Our Family, L.A. County Fair 2010
The cup was as big as she was!
Tea cups. Reece freaked out once it started moving. We don't know why, she loves the disneyland tea cups but she was banned from rides after. She was too little for most anyways.
The roller coaster with Grandma
Reece played with stroller buckles while Cailey rode rides
The train....
Worn out.
The last ride of the day, The two story carousel

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