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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A beautiful fall-like day

Today the weather was beautiful. What started out as a heavily overcast, drizzly day turned into a clear crisp nice day. Because it was to beautiful to stay inside we went for a walk around the block and to the mailbox.
Reece copies EVERYTHING her sister does. From actions to the things she says, Reece loves to imitate Cailey. She has even started repeating everything Cailey says. She tries a lot of big words. Our favorite right now, Elephant.
After our walk exploring our neighborhood, we spent some serious time with the sidewalk chalk. Hopscotch was definitely in order.

Next we were a princess sitting at the top of "her castle."
Think she would keep her clip in..... Nope, she would rather not see.....
Drawing intently with sidewalk chalk
The sun and the earth, By: Cailey
A wonderful, low key afternoon on a beautiful start to all things fall-like.

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