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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Reece turned 18 months last week and it seems like her vocabulary and understanding of words exploded! Gone is most of the grunting she was doing and shes actually repeating and understanding everything we say. It was like a little breakthrough.

2. Because of the sudden sickness last weekend, we had to reschedule Reece's 18 month pictures. There were taken this morning. I loved the photographer, she was so sweet and I can't wait to see the pictures she got. Reece was all over the place and shy and a little whinny. Hopefully she got a few good shots and I am confident that she did.

3. Tomorrow is Reece's 18 month appointment. I don't know who I am more concerned about, her or Dr. Cohen! :)

4. October 3 is the Stater Bros. Believe Walk in Redlands. We will be participating, just like last year but without Daddy because he will be in Vegas on a boys trip.

5. Caileys big thing lately is her baby. She has been taking her doll everywhere. She wraps her in the blanket she had when she was little and takes care of her like a real baby. Its pretty darn cute.

6. Halloween is coming... We know what Reece will be and are awaiting the arrival of her costume. Now what for Cailey...? She's been a monkey, a ladybug, and Tinkerbell. She doesn't even give ideas. When we ask her what she wants to be, she lists everything that she has been. Not helpful. A bumble bee maybe? The same as her sister just a different color? Nope. We just aren't sure and better get on it!

7. We love our new dishwasher. So quiet and this one doesn't melt sippy cups and drain doors.

8. We love our Uncle Brandon and wish we could go see him in Missouri right now. We can't wait until the first week in October and he will be here for 4 days so we can see him.

9. While at the store this morning, a little boy was throwing a fit over the car cart. You know, those big awkward annoying cars that kids for some reason LOVE. It reminded me of when Cailey was very little. They were being used at the store when we were there so I just put her in a regular cart. We came down an aisle where there was a little boy in one and she started screaming "Thats mine!!" over and over. Mommy had to distract her and explain that it wasn't hers and it was the little boy who was riding in its turn. So funny.

10. Two days off in a row is headed my way! Yay, two whole days with my girls and husband before work gets crazy for Labor Day. I hope Kevin thinks of me while he is floating down the river. I bet not. :) Love ya babe.

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