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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Reece is better. Fully. Dr. Cohen looked her over and said that once her fever had broken the virus had probably run its course. Thank goodness, we don't like it when our baby is sick. While at the dr, we made Reece's 18 month appointment for next Wednesday. It will be a challenge because she already screams at the dr and tries to climb over Mommy's shoulder and I am sure it will be amplified by her recent visits. Poor Dr. Cohen.

2. Mommy also had an appointment with another doctor. She went to her primary last week to check on a pain in her ear canal. He just looked in her mouth and said she had strep throat. What? Mommy didn't believe him one bit and will now be looking for a new doctor. Yesterday she got in with an internal medicine doctor because she now had a pea sized lump behind her ear and he looked in her ears, nose and throat as well as felt all around her neck and ears. He said he was surprised both her nose and throat didn't hurt on the right side as well. Mommy has an infection, not strep throat, somewhere on the right side in the canals that connect the ear/nose/throat. He said the lump is most likely a lymph node and antibiotics will take care of the whole problem. IF, after the 6 day course, there is still a lump and/or pain, mommy will go see him again in 10-14 days. He also said IF the lump is still there (he doesn't expect it to be, but you never know) he will do a biopsy to see what we are dealing with. He fully expects the antibiotics to take care of the problem.

3. Reece has added a whole new slew of words to her vocabulary lately. All the colors, more animals and she has really started putting groups of words together. Its amazing to see her talk and really understand what she is saying.

4. Tomorrow we are going with Shannon, Brooklyn and Deanne to the splash park. Hopefully Cailey won't be as scared as she was last year. I think Reece will have a blast.

5. Today has been a day of fit throwing. Reece defiantly got spoiled while being sick and thinks I am going to hold her all day. Not anymore, I have so much to catch up on now that she is better. She hasn't liked that very well. When Reece throws a fit she collapses like a frog and bangs her head on the floor. Its like one fluid motion, not a repeated head banging, just a collapse with a forehead to the floor. She did this at the pediatric clinic over the weekend, right off the scale and smacked her head pretty good. The funny thing is, it doesn't seem to faze her. We will be talking to Dr. Cohen about this on Wednesday.

6. Our dishwasher took a dump on Saturday. We have already replaced the part that went out once. To do it repeatedly would be the cost of a new one anyways so... the new one comes tomorrow.

7. 2 more payments and the check engine light came on.... luckily, my husband is a mechanic and knew exactly what to check and it was an easy fix.

8. Mommy had already been toying with the idea of celebrating the girls birthdays together and when she saw her cousin was doing the same thing with her boys, she knew she would do it too. Probably in early April. That way it saves everyone time, Mommy doesn't have to ask for so much time off work in a short period of time and it should be cost effective. When they are older and go to school we can go back to having parties, with their friends, individually. Now she just has to decide on a theme.... there have been some cute ideas out there lately.

9. Today is full of laundry and dishes (ol' school style!).

10. Has the pickiest eater. Cailey only likes certain things and will not try anything new. If she has never had it before she just looks at it and says she doesn't like it. She used to eat everything and this is so frustrating to only be able to give her some things. She will not eat rather than try something new.

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