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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Reece cut her molars on Sunday. She now has her 4 upper and lower fronts as well as 2 top and bottom molars. 12 teeth in all in her mouth. I am so happy she cut the molars because her gums were HUGE!

2. Mommy had a jury duty summons and a subpoena for this week. Luckily, the lady who shoplifted took a deal and Mommy never had to go to court and so far for jury duty, she has just had to call in every night.

3. Cailey has been asking to go to school. While I am all for her going one or two days a week, to socialize and make friends, I do not want her going full time. I don't think that she needs to be in school full time at age 3 and I want her to enjoy being a kid and little. She will go to school full time from the time she is 5 until age 22 or so. I want her to have this short time to herself, even though she's not aware. I want to check out the preschool by us and maybe if all goes well, she can enroll in January a couple of days a week.

4. Our washer and dryer sold. The guy is picking them up tonight. Bye price is right washer and dryer! You were good to us.

5. While wiping some detergent off said washer/dryer, it went eerily quiet in my house. Upon opening Caileys bedroom door, the girls were sitting on the floor, surrounded by books. Cailey was "reading" to Reece and Reece was looking at all the other books she could get her hands on. I love that both of my girls love books.

6. Wednesday is Josh's memorial service and the Loma Linda baseball game. Weird two things to go together, but that is how our day is planned.

7. We are defiantly checking out our local library on Thursday. They have SO much to offer. I don't know why I never thought to go there before. My girls love books and it will be the perfect place to spend some time.

8. and just as I was talking about them being cute and nice with each other, they are now fighting over a stool. This is where the teaching to share comes in. Cailey has been really good at sharing with Reece and Reece is learning, slowly.

9. Today, as I am disgusted with cleaning toilets, I am thankful to have a clean place to go.

10. Days off here I come. Tuesdays are my Fridays.

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  1. I LOVE reading these 10 on Tuesdays. Mommy does such a good job!! And she thinks she's pretty funny, too! She is!

    Love Grandma Riki