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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Splash Park

This is the second year we have been to this splash park. Last year, Brooklyn was just a little thing and enjoyed it from her car seat. Cailey was unsure and stayed on the perimeter and Deanne carried Reece, who was about 5 months old or so. This year was a different story. Brooklyn went in with no fear, running around everywhere. Cailey and Reece were a little more hesitant but once they got used to it, they liked it too. We love doing things with Shannon, Brooklyn and Deanne and haven't been able to as much as we would like to lately. Library class starts up again in September so we do look forward to that.

Brooklyn, right before she shook her head no, meaning no pictures
Crying because Reece offered her the keys and then didn't let her have them.
Cailey's favorite spot was sitting in the middle of "the rain" where the water puddled
Awwww besties.....

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