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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reece has something

and we aren't quite sure what that something is. After having a fever for a couple of days, the doctor wanted her seen so we had to make a trip to the pediatric weekend clinic. Mommy dropped Cailey off with Granny so Daddy could do some stuff around the house. At the clinic they thought she either had something wrong with her ears or her throat. After looking at her (she screamed the entire time, shes very anxious at the doctors) they thought she had strep throat. Mommy immediately felt bad because her doctor told her she had strep throat and she didn't believe him because she has NONE of the symptoms and is convinced its something with her ear and he didn't do any test at all. Anyways, they swabbed Reeces throat, while she screamed and gagged, and tested for strep and sent a culture away with results expected in 3 days. Good news, its NOT strep. The swab was negative for it and the doctor said she thinks its a viral throat infection. The bad news with that is that we can only control the fever with tylenol and wait for the virus to run its course because antibiotics don't work on a virus. She also said if we have problems controling it, to start the antibiotic prescription because it may be a bacteria and the culture will show that, just in 3 days. Luckily, after a llllloooonnng nap by Mommy and Reece, she is feeling 100% better and has just a very slight fever. We will continue the tylenol and follow up with her regular doctor on Monday.

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