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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today has been a very eventful day so far. We went for a walk( something that has definitely been lacking), finger painted, ate lunch and now the girls are napping AT THE SAME TIME! Yay for small victories.

2. Tomorrow is Mommy's only day off this week. The girls and I are headed to the beach with some Aunties and cousins.

3. In addition to doing this blog on a regular basis for the girls, I have been tossing around the idea of taking a picture with them, every day for a year and putting them all on one page. I know a couple people who have attempted this. Should I start now or wait until the new year? I am thinking now....

4. Remember.... 3 more payments and the Tahoe is mine. Now watch, something really expensive will break on it.

5. Work is now requiring that I take all my vacation weeks. Next year will be 10 years in for me and that means 3 weeks vacation time. Now the real question.... do I break it up or take almost a month off, in a bulk of time?...... with personal days, I can make it 4 uninterrupted, paid weeks.

6. With the talk of vacation time, I want to plan a vacation for next year. Somewhere new.... maybe tropical, maybe not.... any suggestions?

7. My SIL, Stacy, came over this weekend and went through all my baby clothes. She took what she wanted for her bun in the oven, Cheyenne and I am still left with a butt load. I am going to look into donating them but I think it will break my heart to get rid of them. It's the last of the baby stuff I have.....well besides the crib that Reece still sleeps in.

8. Jogging stroller, double umbrella, or none.... ? That is the question.

9. I have a bike in the garage I would love to ride. It has some flat tires and my butt is way to large for the seat but it's mine and I would like to use it. I need to look into getting a trailer to put the girls in so we can all go for bike rides, with Shannon, Dustin and miss B too!

10. I cleaned out my closet this week and rid myself of all my maternity clothes. No more fat crutch. On days that I am feeling fat, have gained weight, or just want to be comfortable I am going to have to wear real clothes. Good-bye elastic waists, stretchy shirts and baggy pants. I will miss you.

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