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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. After today, Mommy has 4 days in a row off! This is all because Monday was a big payday and it will be a nice mini vacation. We are currently working on some things to do.

2. Reece's vocabulary is growing by the day. Bed. "oh cute", please, cat (as well as meow), duck( as well as quack), down, hi, diaper, Dora, more, fishy, Reecie, baby, clothes, shirt and milk are words she now says on a regular basis. She is also putting together two words.

3. Reece has been running a fever for the last 24+ hours. At this point it is lower than it was but is still lingering. You can just tell she doesn't feel good when you look at her. Her blankies have been her best friends.

4. Over the weekend, the girls got a lot of Daddy time. With Mommy working, they were home with him for his 3 day weekend and they loved every minute of it. Daddy took them to a couple of places and they all had a good time.

5. Mommy got a new phone this past week. The Blackberry finally took a dump again. Instead of paying insurance to ship her a refurbished phone, she paid the same for a brand new, not Blackberry, smart phone.

6. The Tahoe will be paid off in 3 payments!!

7. Today is laundry day in this house. Laundry is something that is loathed. Now, its not that doing it is so bad, it's finding the time to actually put it away. I H A T E that part. But, its got to be done.... or we could just run around nude and not worry about it, but I don't think my neighbors would appreciate that.

8. Our list for summer keeps growing. We have planted flowers, gone to the park, went to Disneyland and saw the playhouse disney show and the Aladdin show, ate ice cream cones, played with bubbles and in the sprinklers but there is still a whole lot left.

9. Our summer list still includes: go to the living desert, take a trip to the childrens museum, go to the beach, swim in the pool, finger paint a big mural, go to Sea World or the Zoo or both!, take a hike to the waterfall with Daddy and Mommy, eat breakfast at the Waffle House in Lake Arrowhead, get Reece's 18 month pictures taken (in August) and anything else that comes our way.

10. Hopefully we will get the tile put in our master bathroom. It is carpeted and just ridiculous. For mommy;s birthday, Grandma and Papa had extra tile from their house and Papa is going to come over and put it in our bathroom. Yay!

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