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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mothers Beach, Dana Point

On Mommy's only day off this week, we got up early and went to her Aunt Lori's house. There, we met up with her Aunt Pam and Madison and along with Katherine as well and went to the beach. We had been to the beach, just once, last year with Aunt Lori and Katherine. Reece was still a baby at the time, rolling over and laying on a blanket all day. Today was a different story. Mommy was so excited to see how the girls would react. Cailey was so excited to go that it was all she talked about on the drive down there. Reece loved sitting in the sand and playing. Madison and Cailey played near the water for most of the day and Reece made Katherine her buddy. It was a beautiful day, in the high 70's with a nice breeze. Perfect summer day.

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  1. It's crazy how much Madison looks like Aunt Pam and Katherine like Aunt Lori!!!

    Love, Grandma Riki