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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today is shaping up to be a day of being busy with a lot of errands and nothing. By nothing, I really mean cleaning the house. This is a neverending chore.

2. Dry cereal is becoming a big hit in our house. The girls love to sit on our bed with a baggy of dry cereal and eat it with their fingers. Why a baggy you ask, and not a bowl? Well the baggy helps keep everything in once place better. Reece would have a field day dumping a bowl over and over. This keeps spills to once, maybe twice. Nothing like cereal crumbs in your bed.

3. Today should be my Friday, but unfortunatly, it's not. I have to work late tonight and be back by noon tomorrow for a meeting. Yay me.

4. Dog hair is gross. I am seriously considering shaving my lab. Can you shave a lab? I suppose you can, but do people shave their labs? I am ready to because he is a hair machine.

5. Mommy is getting her hair done! Finally. Thursday, 8:30am, me, Kasie, and a gallon of bleach. I will be there!

6. Friday should hold some interesting fun. Kevin's cousin is here from NC and we are headed to Rock the Keys. Always a good time. The girls will get to hang out with Jack, Granny and Great Aunt Ginny. Fun for them.

7. The Aladdin show is going away at Disneyland in August. We are definatly taking the girls to see it before its gone. Rumored to be amazing. We shall see.

8.cailey- she wanted to type her name. So she did.

9. Reece's vocabulary is growing by the day. Here is a list of what she says: daddy, mommy, doggy, grandma, tank, tonka, sissy, bath, up, more, thank you, kiss, whats that, papa, no, yes, shoe and juice. We are working on more, but she's doing well.

10. I love my husband.

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